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Garment Labelling Need to Know's - Staying Compliant in The UK

Updated: May 19

When it comes to designing and producing garments, labeling requirements can often be overlooked. However, in the UK (and globally), there are mandatory pieces of information that you must provide to consumers. In this article, we'll outline these requirements and offer some helpful hints and tips to ensure your customers have the best experience possible. According to the GINETEX 2021 3rd Ipsos European Barometer, more than 8 out of 10 consumers find textile care labels to be useful.

Four UK compliant wash care label designs
UK Compliant Label Designs

UK Compliance Overview

Fibre Composition - Mandatory

Use only the approved fibre names from Annex 1 of the EU Regulation on fibre names and labelling. Approved fibre names include Cotton, Wool, Linen, Polyester, Acrylic etc. For a comprehensive list, refer to Annex 1 linked here.

There is no specific requirement to where this information is located but the label must be securely attached and therefore sewn in labels work best, but you can use hang tags or written directly onto a product.

Product Reference/ Batch Code - Mandatory

Product traceability for the distribution of goods is required by the UK General Product Safety Regulations. This traceability should include the name and address of the producer, (i.e you, the business or working with your manufacturer could include their information too.)

Secondly the product reference or the batch code which the product belongs to. These references can help identify the time and place of manufacture. For garment labelling this could be seasonal references. e.g SS24-000128.

Other traceability options can include brand name and website information in text or QR code format.

Country of Origin - Optional

Made in UK - if included the origin must not be misleading. To constitute Made in the UK labelling, your product needs to have 80% of it's value chain within Great Britain and should be designed, manufactured, produced or created within the UK, this does not need to include raw materials, i.e fabrics could be imported but full pattern and garment making carried out in the UK.

Care Information - Optional

This includes Icons or written instructions on how to care and clean the product. Although not required by law in the UK, providing care information is industry standard and highly recommended as it can help with longevity of the product and build customer trust. If care information is not provided, the brand is responsible for redress for any damage to a product as a result of incorrect care by the consumer. Care information can be given in a written format or using the globally identifable care symbols, although you must hold a licence to use the Ginetex symbols as these are trademarked symbols/images.

Other Requirements - Mandatory

For Childrens and Adult Nightwear it is mandatory to outline Flammability therefore information such as KEEP AWAY FROM FIRE should be included on labels.


How Our Label Service Works

As a manufacturer, our goal is to assist UK brands in meeting label requirements with ease. That's why we've invested in an on-demand label printer, enabling us to offer a personalized service tailored to each brand's needs. Our label service ensures full customization to align with the unique design aesthetics and information requirements of each brand. With no minimum order quantity (MOQ), we cater to small-scale needs while also accommodating large quantity orders with fast turnarounds and competitive prices. We exclusively print onto recycled polyester satin, delivering a high-quality, durable finish perfect for high-temperature washing. Need labels with varying information and specific quantities? We've got you covered

To order 1-50pc labels for your brand select from the below options;

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Label Price Guide 2024
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