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Our Mission

Creating a sustainable manufacturing solution for brands focused on ethics and a localised supply chain. We produce Fashion, Soft Accessories and Homewares with no MOQ's making overproduction a thing of the past.

Interested in manufacturing your products in the UK with no MOQ?

Made To Order Dress Production in the UK

What We Do

Product Development 

This includes sampling and/or pattern making. We can sample from your own patterns or develop patterns based on your design sketches and tech packs, if you need help with the design stage see our Design & Technical help below.  

Small Batch Production

Working from approved samples we can produce as little as 1 of your designs. For certain product types i.e Scrunchies and Tote bags we can go straight into production without sampling.     

Upcycling & Repurposing

Our flexible and experimental approach means we will happily work with used textiles such as vintage fabrics, 2nd hand clothing or your own overstock to create new and exciting products. 


Our industry background means we can help you in sourcing more sustainable or second hand textiles and trims. If possible we'll try to keep this as local as possible which for us is the UK. 

Design &
Technical Help 

If you have a product idea but no design experience we can work with you to get your design onto paper and then into tech pack format. Other technical help includes fabric choices, measurements and sizing.