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About Us

Meet the team behind LannyxStudio

We make product development and production accessible to brands who want to focus on a localised supply chain and ethical UK manufacturing.   Based in Newcastle upon Tyne we produce Fashion, Soft Accessories and Homewares with no MOQ's, making overproduction a thing of the past.

Our aim is to stay agile as a business by nurturing UK skills and talent, bringing younger generations into the world of product development and manufacturing, inspiring them with a positive work environment and the brands we align with.


Founder Story

After completing a BA in Fashion at Northumbria University I spent several years working as a designer for a global manufacturing company who supplied clothing to large UK and European high street retailers. This role allowed me to immerse myself in the industry, undertaking countless design and sourcing trips to manufacturing hubs worldwide, including China, Hong Kong, and Bangladesh. However, my time in the industry sparked a personal quest for knowledge about the sustainability of fashion and manufacturing and thus, LannyxStudio was born.

I created in house label, LannyxStudio utilising upcycling and made to order Fashion & Homewares to develop my first sustainable business model, promoting less waste, no overproduction and supporting our local textile economy.

Through my own label I connected with many small and independent brands and began to notice the similar issues they faced when trying to develop product in a better way and knew I needed to help.

My passion for sustainable production, easier and fairer routes to market spurred me on to develop LannyxStudio into a micro manufacturing studio in the glorious North East to share my skills and knowledge with the brands that wanted to do and be better.

Meet The Team

Working with LannyxStudio means you work directly with me and the team, taping into years of product development and sewing experience. By embracing sustainable practices and ethical production methods, we strive to make a positive impact on the industry while delivering fashion forward products for our clients.

Our Clients

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